About us

Natlanco BVBA – Belgium

Natlanco BVBA is a Belgian company, based in Gent and founded November 2012 by Filip De Brabander and ERaQua Management BV, a Dutch company owned by Erik Rodenbach. The Natlanco office is located in the Galveston building at the Hurstweg 8 in Gent, close to the harbours.

Natlanco offers SaaS server based services and client software for Mulitlingual Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Understanding (NLU) and SaaS based Multilingual Intelligent Dialogue Systems. The software for both technologies has been developed since 1996. Natlanco BVBA was founded to bring the technologies to the global market.

Natlanco BVBA Gent – Galveston building
Natlanco BVBA Gent – View on the harbour


NaKe Information & Technology (Jinan) Company Limited – China

NaKe Information & Technology (Jinan) Company Limited has been founded early 2014 as a Chinese subsidiary of Natlanco BVBA. The office is located in the city of Jinan (Shandong) at the Room 805 3 block 1 unit DingHao square Hi-tech Zone, Jinan High Tech Zone. The Chinese subsidiary is a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) 100% owned by Natlanco BVBA.

The Chinese subsidiary is founded to address the Chinese market.

NaKe Information & Technlogy – Jinan High Tech zone