InTalxys® Solution Range

Intelligent dialogue systems

Service your public in an awsome futuristic way, yet feeling familiar and natural. The system truly understands, it reacts intelligently, it has a face, and a body, it listens, it speaks, it blinks, it breaths, it has a character of its own, it looks around and at you. It’s no longer “it”. It’s a “she”. Your clients will love her.
The fact that she is stuffed with Artificial Intelligence and knowledge is forgotten soon, as she’s so friendly, efficient and helpful that your clients soon will ask how they ever could manage without her.
Indeed, boost your online customer service by using this multilingual intelligent dialogue system, available 24/7 online. The only thing that’s unnatural is her infinite patience and lasting friendliness.
We build and customize her for you. For the languages and the domains you want.

Intalxys Overview
Find out about the possibilities for letting us realize your own dialogue system as a virtual quite intelligent person, who will service your customers whenever and however long they want.

Pandula® Solution Range

Multilingual Language Analysis and Understanding

Imagine what your company can do with our Multilingual NLP/NLU software and technologies for syntactic and semantic natural language analysis. Multilingual means we can do that for many languages on most continents of the world.
Our NLP/NLU software adapts its output so that it becomes compatible with your own business analysis software or databases.

Pandula Overview