Natural Language Text Analysis (NLP/NLU)

Create valuable business information from your own unstructured natural language big data analysis

Many organizations are creating and collecting large amounts of unstructured big data in the form of natural language text, such as customer feedback, patient data, maintenance & sales reports, etc. This big data contains a lot of valuable business information, which can be used to improve your business effectiveness and profitability. Unfortunately this information is however in most cases unused, because analyzing this is a very labor intensive and costly job. Natlanco wants to help you to explore this valuable business data in a fast and cost effective way to improve your business.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Understanding (NLU)

Natlanco’s Multilingual Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Understanding (NLU) technologies provide you the opportunity to automatically analyze and interpret your unstructured natural language data syntactically and semantically. We deliver you your own pre-defined structured output data, which can be further processed into valuable business information for improving your processes.


Natlanco’s LingBench Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Understanding (NLU) product range provide the tools for syntactic and semantic analysis and interpretation of natural language data. To address your specific needs, the LingBench product range provides a set of tools ranging from deep analysis, shallow analysis to more simple expression based analysis. Apart from these different types of analysis also a mix of the three analysis types can be provided for a more dynamic analysis, which selects the right analysis type for each situation. The LingBench language independent analysis software uses dedicated customized language models to analyze and interpret your raw text data in your required language and for your specific business domain. We currently support several languages like Chinese, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German and Swedish.

Click on the link below to find out more about our natural language analysis Lingbench tools.

Screenshot showing a deep analysis of Chinese text
Lingbench Deep Analysis

Virtual AI Professional (Dialogue System)

Boost your customer service & satisfaction with an online Virtual Artificial Intelligent Professional

Companies and other organizations have discovered the great advantages to exploit their business via the internet by using websites, web shops and mobile apps. The direct interaction with the customer has therefore also shifted for a large extent from human interaction in physical locations to the internet. The advantages of this approach are tremendous due to lower costs and access to a larger customer base for the company and easy access at any time for the customer. Despite these advantages, it also has a clear drawback that it lacks the human interaction for customer service. The use of large call centers are the current solution to this drawback, however they often have a negative image due to the long waiting times and weak support. The aim of Natlanco is to keep the advantages of the online business, while improving the customer service and raising the company and customer satisfaction.

Virtual Artificial Intelligent Professional

Natlanco can boost your customer service with an online virtual human-like customer service on your own website by creating your own multilingual virtual artificial intelligent professional. The virtual artificial intelligent professional will service your customers 24h/7d per week in a human-like way in any language you want. It will allow you to serve a large part of your customer requests. It releases your customer support department people from the direct pressure and help them to focus on the real complex problems.

MultiLingual Artificial Intelligent Dialogue System

Natlanco’s multilingual artificial intelligent Dialogue System provides you a solution to create your own online virtual artificial intelligent professional on your website.  The dialogue system consists of Natlanco’s Lingbench NLP/NLU products to interpret and understand the customer requests and Natlanco’s Dialogue Engine for interacting in a human-like way with your customers. Speech recognition, Text-To-Speech and 3D avatars can be included to provide a real human like interface. Click on the link below to learn more about our intelligent dialogue system or watch our demo video.